An Amish Snow Day

There’s been a whole lot of snow in Pennsylvania’s Amish Country this winter!  And while losing electricity isn’t a big deal if you never had any to begin with, we thought you might like to see what an Amish snow day looks like.  Enjoy!

Amish Boy in Snow

Image courtesy The Telegraph

Image Courtesy KenW

Image Courtesy KenW

Amish Chidren Build Snowman

Image Courtesy KenW

Amish buggy in blizzard

Image courtesy Fran – Just Fran

Amish Snow Ball Fight

Image courtesy Vos Iz Neias

Amish Buggy in Snow

Image courtesy Tom E. Puskar, Ashland Times-Gazette


Image courtesy Susan Spiritus Gallery

And for our friends who prefer live action… enjoy this clip of some real Amish country snow day fun! Buggy, skis, snow and all!