Amish Woodworking

Though generally thought of as farmers, the Amish have for centuries been excellent woodworkers.  However, it wasn’t until recent times that this skill became recognized on a wide scale.

Amish woodworking with pneumatic tools

Jim Seida /

The Amish use only real wood in their projects – no particle board will ever measure up to the exemplary standards of Amish craftsmanship.  Their almost sole use of pneumatic tools, often run off of diesel generators, has also drawn attention to Amish handiwork.

Tables, cabinets, dressers, bookshelves… if you’re looking for a new piece of wooden furniture, you simply can’t go wrong with Amish carpentry.

Of course, no discussion of Amish woodworking would ever be complete without the mention of a different type of Amish craftsmanship…. the barn raising!  An Amish barn raising is not merely a chance to help a neighbor, it’s a community gathering – some might even call it a party!

At Amish Country Gazebos, we take great pride in the impeccable craftsmanship utilized by our Amish woodworkers. Many have tried to copy an authentic Amish Country Gazebo, but no other company can match our quality or compare with the benefits of selecting one of our gazebos… all of which include a lifetime guarantee!

There’s simply nothing equal to Amish old world craftsmanship or Amish woodworking.  And that’s what makes our gazebos stand apart.