Gazebos, Pergolas, and Pagodas

What’s the difference between gazebos, pergolas, and pagodas?  

It has come to our attention that there is a great deal of confusion in this world regarding not only what a gazebo is, but also what a gazebo isn’t.   These, for example, are not gazebos:

This is a tent, Not a Gazebo.

This is not a gazebo either

If it can blow away in the wind… it’s not a gazebo.  It’s a tent.

Pergolas also are not gazebos, but they are similar to arbors.  They are often used as support structures for vines and flowers, or as open passageways between buildings and gardens.

Pergolas ar not gazebos

As for pagodas, you just won’t find many of them in the United States!  That is, unless you’re headed to the Indy 500…

Also not a gazebo

Photo courtesy The Focus Photography

So what exactly is a gazebo?  Ladies and gentlemen, these are gazebos:

THIS is a gazebo

A well landscaped gazebo

A smaller but well designed gazebo

Lakeside Gazebo

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